World's Safest Mobile Crypto Wallet


As we gear towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is essential to keep your digital assets secure without compromising ease of use. Cypherock wallets ensures that you make secure transactions on the go!

Universal 2 Factor Authentication

The funds are protected by U2F protocol for maximum security.

Decentralised Exchange Support

DEX Support will enable cryptocurrencies to be spent or exchanged in a decentralized and secured way.

Multi Purpose

The wallet can be used with a smartphone or desktop, or it can be stored somewhere safe.


NFC based Payments Support

Localised payments will be enabled through embedded NFC for smartphones without it.

Multi Currency Wallet

The wallet will support multiple cryptocurrencies so that every digital asset could be stored in a cold storage.

Safe & Easy Cryptography

Users will be able to sign or encrypt files on the go maintaining authenticity and confidentiality.



CyBit is a plug & play hardware wallet. It can be used with different smart devices.

  • High End Security
  • Iphone Support
  • Water Resistant
  • Touch Screen
  • Scratch Resistant

CY Case

CY Case is the mobile case as a hardware wallet.

  • Scratch Resistant
  • High Impact Material
  • Cutting Edge Design
  • Powers From Connected Device
  • Simultaneous Charging Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the wallet gets lost along with my mobile phone?

Your funds remain 100% secured even if the wallet gets lost. You can recover your funds by entering your recovery seed in any HD wallet.

When can I buy the wallet?

The wallet is currently in the development phase. We will notify you if you have signed up for updates or joined our telegram community.

How much will the wallet cost?

The price will be cheaper than current touchscreen-based hardware wallets in the market.

How are the funds protected?

The funds are protected by a PIN set by you on the hardware wallet. You can add additional layers of security through your phone's PIN or biometric protection.

What level of security does the wallet offers?

The wallet has a secure element which is CC EAL6+ certified.

What all devices will the case be available for?

We will initially support Iphone 7, Iphone 8, Iphone 8+, Iphone X, Samsung Galaxy 9 and Samsung Galaxy 9+. We will expand the support as per user demands of the phone cases.

I want the support of a certain token. How would this happen?

We want to support as many tokens as possible to offer best user experience. If you want your project's token listed on priority, write to us at [email protected]

Is it compatible with my existing mobile software wallet?

We are developing a client side library for your favourite software wallets to integrate Cypherock wallet with their software. We will be announcing the partnerships soon.

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