Crypto Wallet Backup

Cypherock X1 is a first of its kind hardware wallet that offers air gapped storage of private keys separate from the offline X1 wallet. The private keys are never stored on the X1 wallet and never in a single place, which makes it more secure than a regular hardware wallet when it comes to making Blockchain transactions. The private keys are generated completely offline and then broken into 4 unique secrets, each of which is encrypted and stored on the EAL 6+ secure elements on the cyCard. To make a transaction, you just need to fetch and tap any 2 out of the 4 cyCards on the X1 wallet. This enables Cypherock X1 to offer security similar to that of offline multisig for all the Blockchains without the added complexity of multi-sig wallets.

Operate With A Power Bank

Unlike other solutions out there, you can operate Cypherock X1 with a Power Source for securing and recovering your seed phrase. You don't need to connect it with an internet connected device.

Backup Any Type of Wallet

Cypherock X1 is compatible with every type of wallet be it a hardware, software or an online wallet. Cypherock X1 is an HD BIP-32 compatible wallet that supports 12/24 words mnemonic phrases.

Have Any Type of Guardian

Due to the tangible nature of the cyCards, you can either give the card to someone to protect it for you or keep it in a safe place. Even if a guardian or a group of guardians come together and try to comprise the private keys, it is almost impossible to steal your assets without your password.

Compatible with Mobile Wallets

The cyCards are Android & IOS compatible cards. Instead of entering the seed phrase into the X1 wallet, you can secure the seed phrases of your software wallets by tapping the cards on the smartphone itself.

If you are a software wallet, and want to offer the security of cyCards to your users for the safety of their seed phrases,

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